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February 25, 2013
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Hunter's Moon by voracioussketching Hunter's Moon by voracioussketching
A Sailor Moon murder mystery AU. It's an exploration of a universe where the Sailor Soldiers are not necessarily good people. Other than fitting into the "whodunit" archetype, it's also looking into the idea of "Could any given Sailor Soldier be driven to kill?". It'll never be, but the idea was kind of that this is from a video game, and who did it changes each time based on random variables as well as your choices and deductions. Any character is capable of being the murderer over the course of all the possible outcomes, and for a variety of different motivations each.

Anyway, you can read an in-character monologue explaining the AU character archetypes/names/motives/roles, as well as see some animated versions posted over on Tumblr. People have asked whether the detective is Mamoru, and I considered it, but I think I'd ultimately like the "detective" to remain an ambiguous first person, to match the game feel (the player is the detective). There would be other characters and suspects in the game that I didn't draw - Melvin, Molly's mother - and Mamoru would probably fit into that role instead. If you look, you'll see that "Serena" is wearing her promise/wedding ring; all the girls are wearing canon-relevant jewellery actually, to mirror "Molly York"/Naru being the daughter of a jeweler.

Also, it's Naru/Molly that is the victim. (I thought it was only appropriate.) Just mentioning it because a few people seem to think it was Hotaru.

Re: The name: [link]. I actually came up with the idea of a Sailor Moon murder-mystery AU as a Hallowe'en event for Four King Hell!, hence choosing "the full moon of October". The main characters were going to be the Outers, not the Inners. It was going to be an interactive story where comic updates revealed more clues, and you could explore the site itself to try and find more - you could submit your guess, and the earliest correct guesses (with appropriate justification, not just "guessing lol") were the winners. I might still do something like that someday, if I ever have free time again.
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Sireinita Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2013
so much creativity behind this concept~! it would make a great game. i love the different archetypes chosen for the girls. why is jupiter the only one without a canon dub/sub name? (unless she's macy in some dub i have yet to watch!)
kuroitenshi13 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2013  Professional General Artist
This is totally awesome!!!!!!!!
iCheddar Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oooo I saw this on tumblr and I love whodunit-s and I love sailor moon too! Perfect combo *^*
SukoKitsune Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2013
This makes me very curious. Im sure if you do do it someday it will be amazing. I would love to see what rolls the outers would of had in this. Although everyone you did is extremely fitting. And I like your choice of naming for it. Hunters moon, moon to hunt by, the hunting moon. That is what I get from it. The picture itself is very pretty, I love the accessories as well as how they are portrayed expression wise.
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